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Safe Winter Driving Tips

5 Feb 2017

Safe winter driving technique

Today we’ll talk about driving a different type of vehicles in a difficult winter environment and weather conditions. To drive safe and most efficient way, you have to follow the basic tips of Safe Winter Driving Techniques. Following these simple rules will help you to be safe and get the best advantage of a beautiful winter season.

Better Visibility

Here is a tip for visibility: turn on your windshield and mirrors defroster. Turn off your recirculated air button, to get the air from outside. This will clear the fog out of inside windows much more quickly.

Driving Technique

Technique needs to be smooth steering, braking, and power accelerating. If you turn your steering wheel fast, your car will not actually respond as you think they will. The car will move the same direction. But if you do this more progressively, the car will respond properly and make turns better.


Smooth acceleration — gradual progression application of a throttle will make a progress very well. Otherwise you’ll get only uncontrolled spin of your tires.

Start in 2nd Gear

You can use your transmission to your advantage in slick conditions. If you trying to accelerate, the lower gear (first gear), you’ll get a lot of torque next to spin a tires. You can select the second gear. In a steak shifts you just switch the second gear, in automatic there is a setting in your owner’s manual where you can start out in a second gear. So, in a second gear start your car will less likely spin your tires.


Traction is provided by the road, not by the car. So the tires are really able to take advantage of the available traction based on their specific design. Winter tires is more likely than the summer ones because they have softer rubber in a lower winter temperatures and more edges and grids on a basement.

Driving on Snow

Sometimes you try to follow the traction on a snowy road. If they dry, drive on them, but if they are icy, drive outside (right next) of them and you’ll get a lot more grip.

Recover From Skid

The technique for recovering from a skid is to look when you want to go and to steer to that direction using smooth progressive inputs to the steering wheel. Also, do not put on a brakes, and do not put on a gas. Let the car stabilized itself, don’t give more power to a skid.

Stack in a Snow

If you get stack in a snow spinning your tires is not going to get you out. You will do under snow cover even slicked and dig a bigger hole. Simply clear up a snow under your tires and put your floor mats under the tires. And when you will back up on the floor mat it gives you a grip and your tires will give you enough momentum to get out of snow trap.

Drive safe and don’t ignore this simple tips to be safe and at time at your destination point in winter roads. And, of course, follow the BMP Autoservise recommendations regarding your vehicle's technical conditions and preparations for the winter season we've discussed recently in our blog.

Sincerely yours,
Anatoliy Rachinskiy, BMP Autoservice CEO.