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5 Things You Should Never Do In A Turbocharged Vehicle

3 Apr 2017

Safe winter driving technique

In this article we'll talk about 5 things which you should never do with your turbo charged vehicle.


The first thing we want to talking about is do not run your car hard before you will get up ready everything right about the operating temperature. The best way to do this is to look at your temperature gage on your vehicle's instrument cluster during the driving. The reason is your oil temperature rising up much slower than the intercooler intake system actually does. This means all system is much less protected before oil temperature will be enough to circulate as required.


The second thing we want to mention for your cosideration is do not shut off your engine immediately after you've been running your car really hard. What happens in this scenario when you drive your car really hard and then shut it off the oil stops circulating and some amount of that oil may stack in the really hot spots of your intercooler system and may burning there which may cause the difficults with future oil circulations. This may cause more offten oil changes and less protection for the whole engine. Instead of that, let your car after stoping works for couple more seconds to let that oil dropping off and drain your intercooler system properly.


The third: you should never high load your engine in low RPM. For example, it has 500RPM or 1000RPM, or even 1500RPM and you give the engine a lot of boost. This is kind of a dangerous condition. So, you are asking a lot of power and your engine cannot do that power. The smartest thing you could do is to downshift your transmission and then add the boost whan the RPM is much higher and your wheels can produce more torque and you'll get the asking power more properly.

One more reason not to do this, especially for diesel engines, is: your fueling system injects more fuel and air, you'll get very rich mixture which will not be able to burn in full and part of that high temperature burning mixter will go through your exhaust and will short the life cycle of your catalitic converter wich is very expensive lost.

And the final reason: you can significally dammage your engine as a result of this driving manner. Why? Because you'll get the "low speed preignition", which is very dangerous for your pistons and engine head.


In the number four we want to make sure you buying the best quality fuel you can buy for your car. This is especially true for the contemporary or modified turbo charged engines. Doing this you'll minimize the risk of blowing up your engine.


When you passing corners and turns your tire slipping angles should be equal. So, if you accelerate, or brke or take your corner really hard you going to increase the slipping angle on your tires. In the turbo charged vehicle as you come out the corner with a lot of boost you will send a lot of torque on your back wheels and there will be a big difference between rear and front slipping angle. This is kind of dangerous conditions and may cause the over steering.

The Conclusion

If you'll follow these simple rules you'll be safe and your tubo charged engine are in good hands. Drive safe!

Sincerely yours,
Anatoliy Rachinskiy, BMP Autoservice CEO.